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About Bound By Books
I have been a voracious reader of books throughout my life. More recently I developed a passion for scouting and collecting. From there the natural progression seemed to be an evolution to bookseller. Since I do my own scouting, I am able to offer more favorable pricing for the books you love. As a manager of premier retail stores for the past twenty years I have also learned the value of unparalleled customer service. Happy customers are with you for life, and they are more apt to tell others about you. My pledge is your 100% satisfaction in  every interaction.

Jim Kramer, Owner 
The Eternal Pursuit
Known to his friends and other collectors as the Scoutmaster General, or SMG, for short. 
I believe the book speaks for itself, and me, as well. I have a fever that never subsides, but I have never felt better.
Quality,Value   and Satisfaction 
are  cornerstones of my business!