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About Bound By Books
I have been an avid book reader and movie fan throughout my life, and I began to collect first edition books and original movie posters a number of years ago.  Over time I decided to transition into not only collecting, but selling. Drawing on my experience as a manager of premier retail stores for over 25 years I have learned the value of unparalleled customer service. Happy customers are with you for life, and they are more apt to tell others about you. My pledge is your 100% satisfaction in every interaction.

Jim Kramer, Owner 
The Eternal Pursuit
Known to his friends and other collectors as the Scoutmaster General, or SMG, for short. 
I believe the book speaks for itself, and me, as well. I have a fever that never subsides, but I have never felt better.
Quality,Value   and your Satisfaction 
are fundamental to my business!